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Pub in a Box

Pub in a box

Britain went into official lockdown on Monday 23rd March 2020.  All shops, restaurants and cafes were closed indefinitely in order to lower the infection rate and halt the spread of the coronavirus. This also included the immediate closure of all pubs.

Those who do not understand the importance of pubs may sneer at this – but not being able to go to a pub was a huge part of the anxiety felt by many when told to stay indoors.  Pubs serving beer is a small part of what a pub actually is. They are often the heart of community, the place you meet and discover new friends, where you meet your family. Martha Gellhorn once quoted, "In the end, in England, when you want to find out how people are feeling, you always go to the pubs."

Yet suddenly after years of having a pub on our doorstep for hundreds of years, we were all without one.

We wanted to encapsulate the pub. That’s why we came up with our ‘Pub in a Box’.  We’ve put fourteen wide-ranging craft beer in each box. Some traditional and some unusual. We’ve tried to recreate the magic of finding a pub with beers you’ve yet to discover which is why we’ve sourced some rarer beers. Inside we also have beer snacks to keep you going and a pub quiz.  It could be a free hit for those hosting quizzes and running out of questions to think of.

Order your Pub in a Box now by Thursday to have it delivered to you by the weekend.



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