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Starting Hip Flask

Hip Flask Craft Beer Delivery

Like many beer lovers we found out early on that good tipple was hard to find. How many times have you been in to a pub and paid over the odds for a bland beer? Britain’s beer selection in pubs seems to be going the way of the British High Street: identical, tired and boring.

However, there are still some diamonds to be found in the rough.

We feel it should be an easy choice for punters to pick their favourite beers when having a drink. Furthermore, we can introduce you to new craft beers and ales that we have discovered on our travels. We get the same excitement from showing a new beer as you do when you introduce someone to a new song, TV programme or book. We get a real kick from shining a light on craft beer.

We are starting small so we have a small but brilliant selection of beers (make sure you try the Tiny Rebel Red Ale). We deliver to Manchester and surrounding areas. Just drop us a line for details. We source the beers from the breweries and deliver them direct to your door.

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