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Nationwide Delivery Available
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Our mission is to highlight the experimental & innovative, weird & wonderful and downright brilliant small and independent breweries around Greater Manchester and the wonderful beverages they produce.
We create boxes of beer from our favourite craft breweries in a region. Each region has its own unique identity and we try to capture that vibe in each box. Expect a wide range of beer styles and brewing techniques in each box: from pale ales to stouts, our boxes have something for everyone. Each box contains information on each of the beers as well as details about each brewery.
Over the past year breweries have had it tough. Due to the 'craft' nature of the brewing process the restrictions caused by the pandemic have resulted in breweries having to waste hundreds of gallons of beer that could not be sold. Like many others, we at Hip Flask want to stand firm with small businesses and employees and by buying from us, you’re supporting these breweries as well as getting products rarely found in shops.
We (Phil and Sam) founded Hip Flask after being furloughed from our jobs. We have always shared a passion for craft beer and we would regularly compare notes on any new and interesting beers we’d tried since we last met. We subscribed to a couple of craft beer delivery companies but found them a bit lacking. There didn’t seem to be any context to the beers we were drinking or any information on who produced it.
We naively thought it would be a case of buying the beer and start selling. It turned out we needed a couple of licences before we could do that but eventually we’d licensed a spare bedroom in Sam’s house in Manchester to sell craft beer and Hip Flask was born! We started selling a few boxes to friends and we’ve grown from there. (Here's us in the licensed spare bedroom!)
We know the passion, talent and artistry that goes into making craft beer and we wanted to show this to as many people as possible. We are on a never-ending journey to find our next favourite beer – a journey we’d like to share with you!